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Kashtan S1

$ 769

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NPZ Kashtan S1 PO2.8x18S1 Optical Scope Half-Cross Reticle

English manual

Special screw-driver


Case for sight

Manufacturer warranty 2 years


This Prism sight is intended for aimed fire from hunting weapons in the daytime as well as under twilight and night conditions at illuminated targets.

The sight is used in an open air environment within a temperature range of -50°C to +50°C and relative humidity up to 100% at +25°C.

Large angular field of view (13°), makes it useful when shooting at moving targets.

For Saiga, Vepr with a classic hunting butt.


Visible magnification 2,8
Field of view 13°
Eye relief, mm 32
Exit pupil diameter, mm 6
The adjustment range of the sight, arc. min. (t.d.):  
– vertical ±36 (0-10)
– horizontal ±36 (0-10)
Resolution in the center of the visual field, not more 19"
Overall dimensions, mm 274х90х173
Weight (without bracket), kg 0.57

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