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Zenitco VZOR Magnifier 3.5x

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In box:

Zenitco VZOR Magnifier 3.5x

Original manual


9mm spacer

short screw 2 pcs

long screw 2 pcs



Zenitco VZOR 3.5x Magnifier designed for observation, exploration, and consideration of distant objects

Zenitco VZOR 3.5x Magnifier can be used with all VZOR Red Dots for aimed shooting with high magnification

Design and technical features:
- fully compatible with VZOR red dot;

- can recline to the right or left;
- special high-aperture optics provides high resolution throughout the field of view;
- ultra-lightweight design made of special aluminum alloy;
- integrity when immersed in water to a depth of 1 meter;
- Diopter Correction +/- 3D;
- IP67 design

The height of the optical axis of the magnifier above the Picatinny rail is 30 mm or 39 mm

Height 30 mm used with:

Vzor-1, Vzor-1V (PB-1 mount + PV-30 spacer, included)

Vzor-3/3T/3TK (PB-1 mount + PV-30 spacerPV-30 spacer sold separately)

Vzor-5/5T-5TK (PB-3 mount, included)

Height 39 mm used with:

Vzor-1, Vzor-1V (PB-1 mount + PV-39 spacer, included)

Vzor-2 (uses an integrated mount)

Vzor-3/3T/3TK (PB-1 mount + PV-39 spacer, PV-39 spacer sold separately)

Vzor-4 (uses an integrated mount)

Vzor-5/5T-5TK (PB-3 mount + Vzor-5 spacer, Vzor-5 spacer sold separately)


Magnification, x



Angular field of view in the objects area, m

12 on distance 100m


Eye relief, mm



Exit pupil diameter, mm



Overall dimensions, mm



Weight, kg

0.2 (6 2/3oz) (without mount)