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Zenitco Klesch-2PS+Laser (Red) Flashlight gen.3.0

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In box:

Zenitco Klesch-2PS+Laser (Red) Flashlight gen.3.0

KV-D2P  remote switch
Laser zeroing hex key
B-9AK rail
Original manual

Klesch-2PS+laser LED flashlight generation 3.0 is designed to detect and illuminate the target (object) during observation, inspection and shooting from small arms (hunting) with «Klesch-2PS+laser» LED flashlight installed at night and in conditions of limited visibility.

Can be installed on various types of weapons on Picatinny rail. The kit includes an additional B-9AK rail, designed to install the flashlight as close to the barrel as possible.

The use of a super-bright LED with a power of 370 lumens (at 3 W) and a reflector with a diameter of 28 mm make it possible to obtain a solid angle of the central light beam of 6.5 °, which, combined with a toughened protective glass with enlightenment, makes it possible to provide the highest quality illumination of objects at distances up to 200 meters.


  • flashlight in low light mode, constant light mode and tactical mode - for detection / lighting
  • flashlight in strobe mode - to distinguish silhouettes in smoke, dust and / or fog
  • laser for aimed fire by laser mark
  • 2pcs of CR123A battery (not included)

Dimensions: 50х43х80 mm

Weight: 185 ± 15 g