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25mm UWA Eyepiece

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Produced in 2007-2014. New unused old produced item.There are small air bubbles in the thickness of the lenses. There are small black dots on the inner surfaces of the lenses (this may be MC defects or blackening of the inner surfaces of the case).

Focal Lenght 25 mm.

Ultra wide angle eyepieces with a field of view 80° for telescopes represent a six lens system well corrected from aberrations within the angular field of view. 

The chromatism of magnification across the field does not go beyond 0.3%, the relative distortion: -14,8%, astigmatism is eliminated, the field is virtually flat and has no spurious light reflections. 

Eyepieces also have fixed aberration in the pupil, in connection with which the image of the field diaphragm is sharp edges and the eyes do not have to move in the transverse direction for observation of the peripheral areas of the field of view.

Improvement of optical characteristics attained due to:

- increasing the number of lenses up to 6,

- the use of lanthanum glass type “heavy crown” in the two power components (2 and 3),

- change the orientation of the lens (1).

The eyepieces have a valid plane of focus, which can be installed mesh, or cross threads.

Eyepieces are well corrected from aberrations within the angular field of view. 

All lens surfaces have multi-layer coating. 

Eyepieces have threaded fit under standard filters and are fitted with rubber eyecups.