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In box:

NPZ TAL-250K Klevtsov`s Catadioptric OTA

Focuser Crayford 1.25", 2"

Eyepieces 1.25" (f=10, 25mm)

Finder 8x-50

Barlow Lens 2x

Original manual

English manual


Additional Items:

Super Plossl Eyepieces 45°

Super Wide Angle Eyepieces 65°

Ultra Wide Angle Eyepieces 80°

Barlow Lenses

Other accessories and spare parts

A new 250mm telescope to be developed on the basis of Klevzov's original optical system is a perfect device for learned amateur astronomer. It provides a high resolution of observed celestial objects having a pellucid capacity up to 14m and to allow making a photography.


Aperture, mm 250
Focal length, mm 2130
Focal ratio 1:8.5
Resolving power 0.5"
Limiting visual magnitude 14m
Magnification, min 85x
Magnification, max 426x
Optical scheme Klevtsov
Angular visual field, max 33' (f=25mm)
Angular visual field, min 13' (f=10mm)
Central obstruction area, % 12.5
Length of tube, mm 450
Range of slow-motion control on the axes within ±360°
Latitude range of mounting 0...70°
Focuser 2"/1.25"
Weight of the tube, kg 15.7