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NPZ TAL-65 Reflector Newtonian Telescope (Blue)


Ramsden eyepiece with a diameter of 0.965"

Barlow Lens


Black filter

Table Tripod

Original manual

English manual


The telescope TAL-65 is designed for visual observations of celestial objects.

The telescope can be used for individual observations by amateur astronomers, in the schools, in the astronomic societies.

The telescope may be used at an ambient temperature ranging from 30° to -30°C and the relative humidity not more than 80%, on the assumption of fair weather.

Read instruction manual first before using the telescope.


Tube material - steel.



Aperture, mm 65
Focal length, mm 500
Telescope magnification and angular field, With eyepiece f’ = 15mm/With eyepiece and Barlow lens/With eyepiece, Barlow lens and Bushing 30х,1°15' / 90х,0°25' / 130х0°15'
Resolving power 2.2"
Limiting visual magnitude 11m
Right ascension turning angle 360° (24h)
Declination turning angle ±90°
Latitude adjustment range 0…90°
Minimum observation range ~ 25 m
Dimensions, mm, OTA* length/Telescope height 470/620
Telescope weight 3.6kg