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12.5MM Astrometric Eyepiece

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NPZ 12.5mm 1.25" Astrometric Eyepiece

Original manual

Focal Lenght 12.5 mm.

Designed for visual aiming of the telescope on celestial objects, tracking of these objects during photographing and measuring angles on the celestial sphere.

Is a well corrected from aberrations with a field of 50 degrees symmetric 4-lens eyepiece with astrometric grid in the focal plane. For convenience, there is a diopter shift to focus on the eye and reticle illumination with adjustable brightness and self-powered of the two elements G12 1.5 V.

Grid eyepiece has a scale for linear measurements. The diameter of the Central scale of 6 mm, division value is 0.1 mm. For accurate measurement is the special scale of seven strokes. The gaps between the dashes have a size of from 0.02 to 0.08 mm and allow you to measure smaller objects. The thickness of the strokes – 0.01 mm. Are also in the crosshairs of various sizes and configurations that can be used to track and evaluate linear and angular dimensions. Around the perimeter of the mesh caused a circular scale for measuring position angles.