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NPZ PN22K Day/Night Gen 2+

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NPZ PN22K Gen 2+ Day/Night Vision Scope 2013 SALE

English manual

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Bracket for installation on the gun


Combined Day/Night Optical Sight NPZ PN22K Gen 2+.
The sight is intended for terrain observation and aimed fire from small arms in the daytime and at night under natural illumination from (3-5)x10-3 to 1.5 lx. 

Usage of IIT of Generation 2+ allows to observe under illumination (3-5)x10-3 lx. 

Sight can be mounted on the different kinds of the hunting weapons with side or top mounting. 

Design of the sight ensures permanence of aiming line while turning from day mode to night mode, as well as using additional IR illumination for operation under complete darkness. 

Sight is designed to operate outdoors within a temperature range of -40 to +40C and relative humidity up to 95% at the temperature +25C.
Sight produced in 2013. Fully work.



The range of vision in the light of the moon and stars, m 350
Magnification  3
The field of view, deg 12
Diameter of exit pupil, mm  7
The removal of exit pupil, mm  50
Battery 1xAA
Operating time with one power supply, hour, not less  16
Overall dimensions, mm  317х102х107
Weight, kg  1,3