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1. Click on Buy It Now in RUB link:

2. In the payment service window that opens, switch to English 


3. Click the purchase button:

4. Log in to the payment service using your Facebook, Youtube, Google account or phone number:

5. Check the information and click PAY:

6. Choose a payment method - Paypal or bank card:

7. Make a payment by bank card or confirm the payment in your PayPal.

In the process of making a payment, your bank or PayPal will show the amount in the currency of your account (USD, EUR, etc.).

8. In the PayPal system, the Boosty payment service is registered as My.com B.V.:

This payment service does not transmit information about your email, the recipient's address and name to us.

To create a post label, you need send us this information on the payment agent's website in a message to us, send it to our email info@bearoptics.com or by a personal message on Facebook.

The processing time of your payment by this payment service is from 2 working days.