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Zenitco VZOR-1 Red Dot

USDT 819

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$ 949

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Availability: On-Demand (item shipped after payment within 5-15 business days)

Delivery: Worldwide | Registered Air Mail (from 10 Business day)


In box:

Zenitco VZOR-1 Red Dot

QR PB-1 Mount

PN-1 platform

PV-B45U platform

PV-30 spacer 

PV-39 spacer

Lens covers

Anti-glare blend

Original manual

Special screwdriver


This red dot sight are designed for aiming on small and middle distances 

Can installed on various types of small arms (hunting) weapons on Picatinny rail

Time of continuous work on one battery is 6 months in middle brightness

3 variants of reticle - dot, circle, dot + circle

Water resistance up to 1 m



  • Magnification ratio 1x
  • Lens diametr, mm  22
  • Size of illuminated Dot, MOA 1
  • Size of illuminated Circle, MOA 34 
  • Adjustments  1 click = 1 MOA
  • Colour of reticle red
  • Power supply voltage, V 1.5
  • Battery power supply 1 pcs of AAA battery
  • Dimensions, mm 69x52x39
  • Weight,g 162 (with QR-Mount and Caps)

Zenitco VZOR-1 GP-25 and PKM Test

Zenitco VZOR-1 Ice Test

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