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NPZ PK1 (1P63) Obzor Red Dot

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NPZ Obzor PK1 Red Dot Scope


Original manual

Special screwdriver

Cloth for optic care



The collimator sight for hunting weapons is intended for aimed fire in daylight, twilight conditions and at night at the illuminating targets from the weapon, which has a side mounting place for the sight setting. 

Aiming is carried out by an aiming sign of a reticle, the image of which is found in the eternity.

The sight provides the aiming shooting at the range of direct shot on the visible fixed and moving targets. 

It is used in an open air environment within a temperature range of -50°C to +50°C and relative humidity up to 100% at +25°C.


Visible magnification, x 1
Field of view, deg. 13°
Resolution 1'
Overall dimensions, mm 133x152x68
Weight, kg 0.6

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