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KOBRA EKP-1S 03 Side Mount

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In box:

KOBRA EKP-1S 03 Red Dot Side Mount


Original manual

Special screwdriver


The sight can be installed on various types of rifled hunting weapons of a caliber up to .30-06, 7.62x51 with a landing strip of the Side Mount rail (AK, SVD, Saiga, Tigr).

Not recommended for powerful air weapon.


- 4 reticle

16 stages of adjustment of the aiming mark

- the memory stores the configured brightness level and the type of the aiming mark, and re-enabling the settings are restored automatically

- red dot size 1.8 MOA

- waterproof design

- aluminum alloy casing

- mounted to a weapon made of steel

- temperature -50° to 50°C

- overall dimensions 144x50x74 mm

- weight 380 g

- CR2 Battery