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NPZ MP 4x-20x Zoom Spotting Scope

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NPZ MP 4x-20x Zoom Compact Spotting Scope

Orange filter



Original manual

Monocular is the compact device for observation with adjustable magnification 4-20x.

There are the removable light filter for contrast increasing in reduced illumination or fog conditions.

Reticle is supplemented with the range and angle-measure scales.

Device is equipped with the holder for mounting on a suitable support.


  • small and light
  • metal body
  • multicoated lenses
  • convenient magnification range 4x-20x
  • smooth change in magnification
  • bracket for mounting on various objects (tree, stump, etc.)



Magnification, x 4-20
Field of view, deg 1.5-8
Exit pupil diameter, mm 1.4-7
Eye relief, mm 15
Limiting resolution, arc. sec, at magnification 4x/at magnification 20x 20/10
Diopter adjustment, diopter от -5 до +10
Overall dimensions , mm 265x43x42
Weight, kg 0.5