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Belomo KHPm iron sight zeroing tool

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Belomo KHPm Iron Sight Collimator (Zeroing Tool)

Bore 2 pcs - 5.45, 7.62

Key for vertical adjustment

Device for gorizontal adjustment

Russian Manual

Spanish Manual

The device is designed for adjustment of AK iron sight (mechanical sight).

Focusing distance of the collimator – 200 m

Clear aperture of the lens – 22 mm
Interaxial distances between the optical axis of the collimator and axes of fitting places for the barrel insert – 50 mm
Overall dimensions KHPm– 140х81х43 mm
Weight – not more than 0.25 kg

Overall dimensions horizontal adjusment tool– 124х112х26 mm
Weight – not more than 0.45 kg

For more info see: russianoptics.net/KHPm