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po4-12/36 picatinny

NPZ PO4-12x36P

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NPZ PO 4-12x36P Optical Sight Rangefinder Reticle Picatinny Mount

Original manual

Manufacturer`s warranty 2 years

Scope with zoom (continuously variable) increase from 4 to 12 times with Picatinny mount.
There is a lighting grid for aiming in twilight or at night, the color red, powered by CR2032 batteries.
Lenght of mount 98 mm (3 7/8in).
Reticle with a rangefinder scale on the target height of 1.5 m. Allows determine distance to the target in the range from 200 m to 1000 m.
When you change the multiplicity from 4x to 12x, the image is shifted to the right. The aiming point does not change.


Magnification, x

from 4.8 to 14.5

Field of view, deg, 3x/9x


Exit pupil diameter, mm, 3x/9x


Eye relief, mm, 3x/9x


Resolution limit, sec, 3x/9x


Diopter adjustment, d



Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg