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NPZ PO156 1.5x/6x

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NPZ PO156 1.5X/6X Tactical Switchable Sight

Original manual

Special screwdriver

Cloth for optic care


Manufacturer`s warranty 1 years


On the body of the sight can be light scuffs and scratches. 


New switcable 1.5x/6x sight from NPZ with two fixed magnifications of 1.5x and 6x is designed for terrain observation, target detection, target recognition and rapid aiming from various types of rifled weapons that have an Picatinny rail. 

Reticle is located in the first focal plane, which guarantees that the aiming line remains unchanged when the multiplicity changes. 

Reticle is scaled along with the target image.

The reticle is fully illuminated.


-Instantaneous change of multiplicity by the lever in the lower part of the sight without removing the shooter's hand from the handguard of the weapon

-Internal execution of reconciliation mechanisms

-Wide viewing angle (16 degrees at 1.5x magnification)

-6-position illumination adjustment

-The cross-section of the sight does not exceed the width of the receiver of the weapon

 -Durable, dust-and moisture-proof aluminum housing

-Doipter correction +- 3D

Red reticle illumination, use CR2032 battery. Illumination is used in cloudy weather and at dusk.


Magnification, times 1.5 6
The field of view, deg. 16 4
Diameter of exit pupil, mm 14 7
Lens diameter, mm 42
Eye relief, mm 50
Diopter Correction, D from -3 to +3
Adjustment range ±0-10
Power supply 1xCR2032
Overall dimensions, mm 230х72х77
Weight, kg 0,65 (1Lb 7oz)