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WWII-style PU 3.5x22 Mosin 26.5 mm

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In box:

NPZ PU 3.5x22 Optical Scope diametr 26.5mm (Mosin/Side Mount version)

Original manual

English manual



Additional Items:

Bracket for installation on the gun

The sight made the drawing of the legendary russian rare sniper PU scope of WWII and maximum corresponds to the original.

Hunting sight PU 3,5x22 is intended for mounting on different types of sporting and hunting weapon. Sight may have a diameter of a slot of 26.5 mm.

For installation on the Russian gun with a Side Bracket or with the Bracket Kochetova (Mosin).

The sight has two handwheel with scales for making necessary corrections in vertical and horizontal planes when zeroing in and firing.


The sight can be installed on various types of rifled hunting weapons of a caliber up to .308.

The sight can be used under the ambient temperature from -40 to 
+40°C (-40 to +104°F) and relevant humidity not more than 93% at the temperature 25°C (77°F).

For more info see video on InRange.TV



Magnification, x


Field of view, deg


Exit pupil


Eye relief


Diopter adjustment, d

from -0,5 to -1

Mount diameter

25,4mm (1”)

Case material


Value of an upper handwheel point, deg/cm/100m


Value of a side handwheel point, deg/cm/100m


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg

0.4 (14.1 oz)