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po4x24 tigr rangefinder

NPZ PO4x24 Rangefinder Tigr

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NPZ PO4x24 Optical Scope for Tigr (SKS, SVD) Rangefinder Reticle

Original manual


Manufacturer`s warranty 2 years 


The Optical Sights PO4x24  are designed to be mounted on the hunting weapon. 

The sight features reticle illumination, allowing for use under twilight conditions.

The sights are provided with two handwheels with scales which make it possible to input the required windage and elevation corrections during an adjustment of fire and a shooting.

The sights are designed to operate in an open air environment within a temperature range of -40 °C to +40 °C and relative humidity up to 95% at temperature + 25 °C.

The sight can be installed on various types of rifled hunting weapons of a caliber up to .30-06 (7.62x63).



Magnification, x



Angular field of view in the objects area, deg



Eye relief, mm





Overall dimensions, mm



Weight, kg