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NPZ ZLN-1KP Laser Aiming Device Picatinny Mount

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The night vision laser aiming device ZLN-1K in a complex with the night vision goggles/monocular is designed for aiming a side mount gun (AK, Saiga, Tigr, Vepr, SKS, SVD) and for operation as an illuminator at night time.

The operation temperature range of the aiming device is from 40 to -35°C and relative humidity should be not more than 95% at a temperature of 25°C.

The power supply is provided from one cell of AA type-dimension.

Produced in 2011.



Operation range of the aiming device (under the illumination 0.1 lk and less and the clarity of the atmosphere 0.85±0.15), m 150
Beam of light angle up to 1’
Adjustment mechanism scale up to 1.3’
Beam of light angle (in illuminator regime)
Output power, mWt 0.5-5
Voltage, V 1.5
Operation time without recharging (at a temperature 20°C), h 6
Overall dimensions, mm 145x50x130
The weight of the aiming device (without power unit), kg 0.38