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NPZ PN6K-5 Day-Night

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NPZ PN6K-5 Gen 2+ Night-Day Sight

Original manual

English manual



Eyecup "cat eye"

Control device for battery


AA Battery 2pcs


Day / Night Sight NPZ PN6K-5 with IIT gen 2+ is installed on the carabines of the type Tigr, Saiga, Vepr side mount.
Have one lens to work in the daytime and in the night mode, switching between modes can be realized by turning the flywheel in the left part of the housing of the device.
A single optical axis channels gives you the advantage of stability of line of sight, reconciled daily to the channel sight is automatically adjusted and remains for the night mode.
Riflescopes produced in 2006. Fully working. The field of view IIT clear, without defects.
Red reticle illumination.
Reticle - peak with rangefinder strokes: the target height of 1.7 meters, measuring distance 200, 400, 600, 00 meters.
The range of vision in the light of the moon and stars, m 450
Magnification  3.6
The field of view, deg 9
Diameter of exit pupil, mm  6
The removal of exit pupil, mm  50
Battery 2xAA
Operating time with one power supply, hour, not less  10
Overall dimensions, mm  323х91х200
Weight, kg  1,8