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NPZ MPN8KM Gen 2+ Night Vision Monocular with 1x and 4x Lenses


Eyepiece adapter kit

Telescope adapter 1.25"

Original manual

English manual


For terrain observation and reconnaissance under natural starlight and moonlight illumination or using built-in infrared illuminator.

The device is provided with mount for removable gripe or adapter to all kinds of hunting weapons.

The image intensifier is protected with high-light cutoff circuit.

New unused item. Produced in 2008-2011, all function work.


  • Generation 2+ image intensifier tube;
  • automatic screen brightness control circuit;
  • high-light cutoff protection circuit;
  • built-in IR illuminator;
  • eyepiece adapter kit to photo and video cameras provided with light filter thread M37x0.75; M40.5x0.5; M49x0.75; M52x0.75; M55x0.75; M58x0.75; M82x1;
  • removable light filter for high light conditions;
  • soft rubber eyeshield;
  • adapter for mounting on telescope with fitting place of dia 1.25";
  • threaded socket to photographic tripod;
  • operating temperature range from -50°C to +50°C,
    low temperature is limited by type of battery


Focal lenght, mm 25/100
Magnification, x 1x/4x
Field of view, deg 36/9
Resolution under illumination 5x10-3 lx, cy/mr 0.7
Diopter abjustment range, d ±5
Focus range, m 0.25-
Power supply voltage, V 3
Batteries AA 2, batteries
Maximal consumption current at T=20±5oC, mA, without illuminator / with illuminator 25 / 120
Overall dimensions, mm 169х67х80
Weight, kg 0.6