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Adapter (bracket) for NPZ PN21K to Wilcox L4G24

USDT 179

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Availability: On-Demand (adapter is manufactured within 5-15 working days after payment)

Delivery: Worldwide | Registered Air Mail (from 15 Business days)


In box:

Adapter for NPZ PN21K to Wilcox L4G24 Mount

Spare screws 5 pcs

Key 2 pcs

May require a final fit to your Wilcox L4G24 mount

May display wear marks or blemishes from testing and may not have a cosmetically flawless appearance when new. These marks are not indicative of a “used” 

Adapter for NPZ PN21K Night Monocular to Wicox L4G24 Mount

Allows placement NPZ PN21K in front of the right or left eye

Material: Aluminum Alloy, steel

Weight: 46 g